We Reduce Accent.
In real time.
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InTone is AI-based technology that improves English pronunciation by changing accents of call-centre agents
Increase profitability
You can improve sales figures for agents with any accent level – the voice will sound more accurate
Expand your team
Operators with a strong accent can work for you. Easily double your call centre capacity
Less accent, more satisfaction
Average call time will be reduced with the growth of customer satisfaction
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Works with any call-centre software
Installation takes just a minute
We do not collect any data, all works on your devices
How does it work
Our unique solution is based on most modern neural AI models
Our app does not need to adapt to each speaker or accent
We use stable acoustic models and do not distort voice
Our desktop app modifies your voice in real time with no noticeable lag
We do not change words – we improve pronunciation
Install our application to any laptop or run it on your servers

Business Solutions
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