How does InTone work?



Get started with InTone effortlessly. The installation process is quick, with minimal requirements for agents' devices. We provide full assistance right from day one.



Integrate InTone with your existing calling software. No matter the platform you use, InTone easily integrates since it's installed directly on the device.



Use InTone with just one click of the button. Agents push a button at the beginning of the workday, making it readily available throughout the day.

Frequently asked questions

What calling software is compatible with InTone?

InTone seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including ViciDial, Avaya, Amazon Connect, RingCentral and others.

Does InTone enhance accents in languages other than English?

InTone is currently designed for the English language. If you have a request for other languages, please complete our website form, and we'll add you to our waiting list.

Which industries does InTone support?

InTone software adapts to diverse industries, including highly regulated sectors like healthcare, finance, and insurance, as well as fields such as travel, logistics, e-commerce, real estate, and many more.

What sizes of call centers does InTone work with?

InTone caters to call centers of all sizes, ranging from SMBs with 50+ agents to top-tier industry call centers and BPOs, including the top 30 industry leaders.

Does InTone improve grammar?

No, InTone focuses exclusively on refining pronunciation. It doesn't alter words; it enhances how they sound.

Do you want to leverage InTone for your business?

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