Revolutionizing global communication with AI-powered voice technology

InTone transforms global communication with innovative AI-driven voice technology, setting a new standard for seamless interactions worldwide.

US patent holder
Trusted by Top-10 global contact centers and BPOs

Pioneers in real-time accent enhancement

InTone envisions a world where pronunciation is no longer a barrier in contact centers.


We aim to transform global communication in contact centers, saving time lost in misunderstanding and repetition. Our focus is on improving communication in real time, breaking down language barriers with seamless solution.


Every day, millions engage in global phone conversations. InTone fosters inclusive dialogues across diverse linguistic landscapes, ensuring respectful and culturally sensitive communication.


Founding story

Meet founding team Andrew and Egor, the visionary minds behind InTone. Bonded by their shared passion for technology and language, these co-founders crossed paths during language courses in the UK in 2013.

Fueled by their personal struggles with accents, they dedicated years to perfecting their spoken English and honing their public speaking skills.

With a deep-rooted understanding of the challenges that accents can pose in the tech world, they embarked on a mission to create InTone.

Their goal?

To bridge the communication gap and empower tech enthusiasts worldwide to connect and collaborate seamlessly.


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