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From SMB to Enterprise. Across all industries.

InTone is designed to elevate communication for businesses of all sizes and industries.


Why InTone?

Eliminate background noise and microphone defects, ensuring clear and distraction-free communication.

Maintain agents’ natural intonation and speaking style, fostering genuine and engaging conversations.

InTone preserves industry-specific terminology, allowing agents to convey professionalism without compromising on clarity.


Industry-tailored communication solution

InTone enhances both inbound metrics like CSAT and AHT, and outbound processes like conversion rates, delivering impactful solutions for every business.


Provide best-in-class call quality for patients and payers. Enhance agent performance by boosting conversion rates during the sale of medical equipment.

Financial & Insurance

Deliver premium call quality for clients and agents, ensuring swift and secure financial transactions. Enhance quote conversion rate for agents.


Optimize call clarity and connectivity in telecommunications. Improve customer retention rates and enhance service offerings.

E-commerce & Retail

Provide exceptional call quality for customers and sales representatives. Increasing  successful transactions and ensuring positive customer interactions.

Logistics & Transportation

Optimize communication clarity for logistics teams. Enhance coordination and operational efficiency, setting a new standard for streamlined logistics management.


Ensure superior call quality for guest interactions in hospitality. Improve reservation conversion rates and guest service efficiency, ensuring positive feedback.


See what our clients say

Discover how businesses experienced a boost in revenue and positive outcomes within a short timeframe.

"Our strategic alliance with InTone is pivotal in exceeding expectations for seamless customer experiences. This technology is revolutionizing our operations."
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Amit Jain

CTO & Co-founder, Annova Solutions, India

"The customer feels comfortable and safer talking to us, and he's ready to pay through the phone."
in revenue

Moiz Shahid

Executive Director, Home Expertz, Pakistan

"InTone, a reliable partner, equips our agents to connect with customers swiftly. Their rapid tech evolution opens new market opportunities for us."

John Lim

Head of Operations, Datagen Facilities, the Philippines

"InTone's AI-powered accent enhancement platform is remarkable. It sounds natural and every minute invested in our partnership pays off."

Ali Mustafa

CMO, Infoperformance, USA

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