InTone — Voice AI Startup Aims To “Break Down Language Barriers”, Has Raised $1.7M Seed Round

December 29, 2023
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Milestone announcement and overview of InTone’s technology

San Francisco, USA — We, InTone, a San Francisco-based startup, are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey as we secure a $1.7M seed round.

Our innovative AI-powered voice platform is designed to assist contact centers in scaling globally, driving top-line growth, operational efficiency, and delivering a superior customer experience by enhancing international communication in real time. This round of funding was made possible by key investors such as Yellow Rocks!, A.Partners, and a US syndicate from BPO and AI industries.

At the heart of InTone's capabilities is the processing of English speech, transposing regional accents to neutral British or American English in real time. Our solution operates through a virtual audio device and seamlessly integrates with all existing calling software and dialers, from VICIdial and Avaya to Ring Central and AirCall, ensuring ease of use for call centers worldwide.

Global impact and successful deployment

"We recognize the global potential of our company to break down communication barriers for over 1.5 billion English speakers. Our AI engine is equipped to enhance over 10 accents in English in real time, benefiting the over 3 million voice agents in India, the Philippines, and LATAM, as highlighted by Site Selection Group. Already, InTone's technology is making a positive impact on building better connections between call center agents and customers over the phone," says Valerie Bertele, GP, Head of San Francisco office, Yellow Rocks!

InTone has already been successfully deployed in seven global contact centers, including Annova Solutions, Infoperformance, and Magellan Solutions. We are excited to be launching projects with leaders in the customer experience industry.

CEO's Vision

Andrew Golman, our CEO and a recent immigrant, shares his personal connection to the mission: "I know firsthand the troubles of being understood on a second or third try. We created InTone with the intent to help people focus on communicating ideas. Every day, millions of people speak by phone, VOIP, and messengers across continents. Time that is no longer lost in misunderstanding and repeating is not just a major productivity gain; it’s a new level of understanding each other and working together."

Expansion plans and quality commitment

The recent $1.7M Seed Round investment will fuel our expansion plans. Having already introduced our technology in India earlier this year, we are now aimed at scaling with new SMB and Enterprise BPO customers, primarily in India, the Philippines, LATAM, and Pakistan. Grand View Research projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% for the Business Process Outsourcing market from 2023 to 2030.

"Our customers choose us for natural and non-robotic sound. We are working with them to scale the solution for more campaigns and regions in today’s digital age. The CX industry is rapidly evolving, with numerous solutions to boost representative productivity, increase conversion rates, and generate more revenue. At the core of our mission is a commitment to helping people overcome language barriers, promoting greater inclusion and understanding," says Egor Pavaliaev, our COO.

Previous achievements

InTone had previously raised $500K from Berkeley SkyDeck Fund and angel investors in 2021. Our initial product launch at the start of 2023 covered customers from offshore call centers in India and the Philippines and global BPOs, serving the US and Australian markets.

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